Growlers To Go


Growlers To Go is Virginia’s first growler-filling station. We have two stores, one located in Richmond on the boulevard, and the other located in the far West End in Short Pump.  Visit our CONTACT page for more specific hours, locations and directions.

Our strategy at boulevard is craft beer efficiency: we allow our customers to take fresh draft beer home in a fast, economic and environmentally friendly way. Each store has 56 taps to choose from, and our selection is one of the most diverse in the city. We pride ourselves on carrying the largest amount of local and Virginia beers on tap and in bottle. Average time in store for customers is 3-5 minutes.

Our concept at short pump is: we noticed a lot of our customers were wanting to stay longer and chat over a pint. As a result, when we opened Short Pump in late 2015, we did so with a license permitting us to serve pints in-house. With 56 taps and so much to choose from, we highly recommend a SAMPLE FLIGHT over a pint. This allows maximum palatte exposure to the necessary superfluousness that is craft beer. Our taps change frequently, so you MUST take advantage of as many of the beers on tap as you can.

In addition, as mandated by our new “on premise consumption” license, we are now required to serve food in-house. Our kitchen is pumping out delicious snacks, intended specifically to pair with craft beer. Please click HERE to see our food selection.

3 most commonly asked questions

What is a growler? 
A ‘growler’ is a vessel used to fill craft beverages straight from the tap. We offer fills of cider, beer, kombucha, mead and non-alcoholic root beer. Growlers are an economical way of getting fresh beer directly to your home.

Can I bring in my own growler, or do I have to purchase one of yours?

You can most certainly bring in your OWN growler for a fill. Please make sure you rinse thoroughly with hot water and REMEMBER your growler cap! (we do have spares). Our plastic growlers are sold for $3, and our glass sold for $6., both 32 and 64oz screw top. We have fliptop growlers on sale for $49.99 and stainless steel growlers for $45.

How long does my beer last in a growler?

Good question. The simplest answer is: consume your beer as quickly as possible, ideally within the same day. Once a growler is opened, oxygen goes to work and will quickly turn your refreshing craft beer into a stale pot of yuckiness. General rule: Drink fast and share with your friends. EVEN if you do not open your growler, we still recommend consuming within a week for maximum freshness.